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Local Partner Nepal

FUNDCCIN - In Nepal, we collaborate with the local foundation FUNDCCIN (FUture For Nepalese Disabled Children and Children In Need). Since the start of DCF end 2001, we work together with coordinator Chooda and administrator Rajan. They are very loyal and trustworthy people, who have always maintained excellent contact with DCF.

The DCF Board Member responsible for the Child ‘N Family center in Nepal communicates regularly with the local team through e-mail. Besides that, we aim to visit the Child ‘N Family center in Kathmandu every year to see with our own eyes what the progress of the project is and to keep up the good personal contact with the local foundation. Thanks to the regular updates on the activities and the monthly financial reports to the Board Members in the Netherlands, we can assure that the programs are transparent and executed according to our vision and guidelines.