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Give a Donation

Donate Now - When you decide to donate with a single gift, you can transfer any amount in Euros or USD to one of our bank accounts.
You can indicate where you want your money to be spent by quoting CNF Ecuador or CNF Nepal in your transfer information. If you give no indication, your donation will be spent wherever we need the money most. 

By remembering DCF in your Last Will, you ensure right now that the families and children will also be supported in the future. It gives DCF the possibility to build better lives for the children and their families in a structural way.
Since 1 January 2006, charities do not need to pay tax over inheritances: your money will be spent for 100% in the projects. 

We would like to thank you for your support: you can be confident that DCF will spend your money directly and for 100% in the projects.