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Andeanface - Thank You!

Main Sponsor CNF Ecuador - Andeanface is a travel organization from Ecuador, specialized in climbing expeditions. Andeanface offers outdoor services to people who love nature and for whom not only the summit matters. “The Journey is the Destiny”.

Andeanface combines climbing & supproting children in need. Javier Herrera, director of Andeanface, explains his involvement with DCF and the Child 'N Family center in Ambato: 

"Our name not only refers to the mountain faces, but also to the faces of the children of the Andes. Andeanface combines two meaningful realities which are the driving forces of our lives: the mountains and kids of the Andes. We provide reliable outdoor services to people who love nature and provide logistic support for international outdoor organizations: in the meantime we make a contribution towards the development of the local communities where we operate. We strongly believe that tourism can contribute to the children in need of Ecuador. Therefore we support the Daniëlle Children’s Fund and develop voluntary work programs and charity expeditions together with them."