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Your Gift - DCF completely relies on the donations from our sponsors. We assure that every gift goes directly and for 100% to the projects; overhead costs are paid for by the Members of the Board.

Current situation Nepal - We are overwhelmed by all the messages of sympathy and we are extremely grateful for all the wonderful donations which DCF has received after our e-mail about the earthquake in Nepal.

The donations we have received are being used for:
*Relief efforts like food supplies and building materials for the families of our center which have been affected most.
*A project budget raise of 5% to cover for the inflation after the earthquake – this is mainly concerning food inflation, as a result of high prices of cereal grains and vegetables.

Our president Ine is going to Nepal in the month of July to visit the center and she will discuss the current situation with the local team. Then we will be able to further decide on what is needed most and on how to exactly allocate the donations.

Also want to support? - In the meantime, we continue to look for schools, companies, organizations, churches and individuals willing to support our projects. If you have any ideas or contacts, then please let us know!
See the left menu for more information, or feel free to contact Ine.