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Your Gift - DCF completely relies on the donations from our sponsors. We assure that every gift goes directly and for 100% to the projects; overhead costs are paid for by the Members of the Board.

Thanks to a significant donation of the Joan Ainslie Charitable Trust and various gifts at the end of last year, we have started 2015 with a reasonable good financial position.

At the same time, we had to reevaluate the forecast for 2015: the operational costs have now been set on Euro 158,500.- instead of Euro 139,000.-. First reason is that the program for temporary custody in Ecuador will continue another four months; the other reason is the rapid devaluation of the Euro against the USD.

So you understand that we are still urgently looking for schools, companies, organizations, churches and individuals willing to support our projects. If you have any ideas or contacts, then please let us know!

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