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Volunteer Mia - CNF Nepal

27-02-2013 - 

Mia from Australia has been volunteering in the center in Nepal through Projects Abroad; we thank her for her involvement!

Mia from Australia has been volunteering in the Child ‘N Family center in Kathmandu for six weeks through Projects Abroad. We are very happy that she has been able to teach and share so many things with our children and staff. The local team and the DCF Board thank her very much for her time and involvement.
Mia had an amazing experience with all the beautiful children at the center and she wrote us a small paragraph with her impression about the project:

When I first began working at CNF Nepal, I had no idea what was awaiting me in my 6 weeks of volunteering at the center. As soon as I arrived I was greeted by all the lovely and friendly staff that welcomed me and helped me to adjust to the routine. I instantly fell in love with all the children. Their smiles and enthusiasm made my day even more special and each morning I would get a very loud but very beautiful ‘Namaste!’ greeting from all the children. I also made some great connections with the staff and even though we spoke different languages and sometimes didn’t understand each other, the friendships I have made meant a great deal to me.
I became involved in teaching the children many songs and dances which they really enjoyed. Their motivation to learn each routine was truly outstanding and not a day would go by where I wouldn’t perform at least one song with the children.
My last day at the center was a sad day, but the staff and children made it wonderful, just like they always do. CNF Nepal will surely be a place I will visit again next time I come to Nepal.
Namaste, Mia

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