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DCF 2010 - Financial Report

The positive developments and growth of DCF activities have resulted in a significant increase of expenses in 2010 and the income changed accordingly.
As you can see in our financial overview, in 2010 we have spent more than forecasted.

DCF’s total expenses in 2010 were Euro 118,456.00 which is 85.45% higher compared to 2009 (Euro 63,875.00). This increase in expenses is mainly due to the extension and reorganization of the activities in Ecuador and Nepal.
> Transfers Ecuador
Euro 76,501.00 has been transferred (Euro 45,363.00 in 2009) for the projects.
> Transfers Nepal
Euro 41,344.00 has been transferred (Euro 17,961.00 in 2009) for the projects.
> Costs
In 2010 the total costs for DCF were Euro 612.00. An increase of 11.27% compared to 2009 (Euro 550.00), merely caused by increasing banking costs. These costs have been repaid to DCF through a donation of a Board Member in 2011.

The income in 2010 was divided as follows:
> Donations
For DCF, every donation is important; every cent counts in the budget. So, a one-off donation or a regular gift, big or small, it doesn’t matter; DCF is equally grateful to everyone! The result of all donations in 2010 is a total of Euro 102,594.00 compared to Euro 62,043.00 in 2009: an increase of 65.36%!
> Interest and Currency Result
DCF received Euro 553.00 as interest, significant less than in 2009: this was due to lower funds as the expenses overrated the donations. The currency result was positive and amounted to Euro 589.00.

General Reserves
DCF’s capital was Euro 60,483.00 at the end of the year, compared to 2009 (Euro 75,204.00) a decrease of nearly 20%. This is still an excellent starting point for 2011 to keep our projects functioning.

Comprehensive Annual Report 2010
If you would like to know the full story behind our figures, then please send an e-mail to and she will mail you the Comprehensive Annual Report 2010 as soon as possible.