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DCF 2011 - Financial Report

In 2011 DCF has spent more than in 2010; the two Child ’N Family centers operated at full capacity and a lot of good work has been done with the children in need and their families. DCF ends the year with only a small reserve: in 2012 new structural sponsors need to be attracted to guarantee the continuity of the projects! See the financial overview for the detailed numbers of 2011.

In 2011 the total expenses of DCF were Euro 165,720.00; 39.9% more than in 2010 (Euro 118,456.00 in 2010).
> Transfers Ecuador
The Child ’N Family center in Ecuador received Euro 125,392.00 from DCF (Euro 76,501.00 in 2010), of which Euro 33,000.00 one-off donations for the renovation of the therapy building. The increase in operational costs (20.7% compared to the operational costs in 2010) is due to higher salary costs and inflation.
> Transfers Nepal
In total Euro 39,432.00 was transferred to the projects in Nepal (Euro 41,344.00 in 2010), a small decrease, in spite of the expansion of the Child ’N Family center from 30 children to 60 children. Most important reason for the decrease was the scheduled closure of the Daniëlle Children’s House in the spring of 2011.
> Costs
In 2011 the total costs were Euro 895.00; a considerable increase compared to 2010 (Euro 612.00). Reason is that DCF paid the administrative costs calculated by “Schenkservice”: since 2011 DCF offers sponsors the possibility to donate through a notarial act and assumes the one-off costs.
At the same time, the decrease in ICT-costs is remarkable: since September 2011 these expenses are covered by sponsor “Delft International” (Exxtra).
The total costs of 2011 have been compensated by a DCF Board Member in the form of a gift in 2012: this means that, as always, all donations went for 100% to the projects.

The income in 2011 was divided as follows:
> Donations
The total result of all donations in 2011 was Euro 127,741.00, compared to Euro 102,594.00 in 2010; a substantial increase of Euro 25,147.00! The one-off donations of various sponsors for the reconstruction of the therapy building in the Child ’N Family center in Ecuador explain this increase. Conclusion is that the income for the structural monthly budgets was almost equal to 2010, although the operational budgets in both projects went up. This resulted in a significant reduction of the bank reserves at the end of 2011.
> Interest and Currency Result
DCF has received Euro 285.00 as interest, a lot less than in 2010 (Euro 553.00), mainly due to the above-mentioned decrease of the general reserves. The positive currency result is high: Euro 5,054.00 thanks to favorable exchange rates when changing Euros into USD.

General Reserves
DCF’s capital was Euro 27,843.00 at the end of 2011, almost half of the reserves at the end of 2010 (Euro 60,483.00). This is a small reserve and new structural sponsors need to be attracted in 2012 to guarantee the continuity of the projects.

Comprehensive Annual Report 2011
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