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DCF 2012 - Financial Report

In 2012 DCF has spent less than in 2011; there were less one-off expenses, and some donations were received directly in the account of the local foundation in Ecuador. In both countries, we concentrated on the Child ’N Family centers as our only projects. The local teams functioned very well: we are proud of the good work which has been done with so many underprivileged children including their families.
DCF ends 2012 with even a smaller reserve than the year-end before. Fortunately, halfway 2012 a new structural sponsor was attracted and at the end of 2012 the current structural sponsors confirmed to continue and even increase their support, which will cover main part of the operational project costs. This means we can guarantee the continuity of both centers, although we still need to concentrate on finding more sponsors in 2013 and stimulate people to initiate sponsor activities for our projects.

The Annual Figures of 2012 have been approved by the DCF Board Members; both in Ecuador and Nepal the numbers are supervised by an independent accountant.
You can find the Pdf document with the DCF financial overview of 2012 here and a short explanation below.
If you would like to know the full story behind our figures, then please send an e-mail to and we will mail you the Annual Comprehensive Report 2012.

Expenses 2012
In 2012 the total expenses of DCF (without the currency result) were Euro 131,945.00; this is 20.38% less than the year before (Euro 165,720.00 in 2011).
> Transfers Ecuador
The Child ’N Family center in Ecuador received Euro 84,547.00 from DCF in the year 2012. This is significantly less than in 2011 (Euro 125,395.00), because of the following reasons:
*The local foundation received various donations directly in the Ecuadorian account: from sponsor Andeanface, from Belgian sponsor A.M.I.E. and from various donors participating in the Antisana Charity Expedition. This means that DCF only had to transfer operational budgets for 9 months instead of a full year.
*There were only two minor one-off donations (with a total of Euro 1,332.83) for the construction of a small wall and the purchase of a printer: in 2011 this amount was much higher (Euro 33,000.00) due to the renovation of the therapy building.
> Transfers Nepal
The Child ‘N Family center in Nepal received Euro 46,401.00 from DCF in the year 2012. This is the first year that the local foundation concentrated completely on the Child ‘N Family center: 60 children including their families, and a small sponsorship program for a select group of disadvantaged students. Compared to 2011 (Euro 39,432.00 with partly still two projects running) this is quite a significant increase, which can be explained as follows:
*The operational costs for the Child ‘N Family center were augmented with 10% as a correction for inflation;
*DCF received a one-off donation of Euro 9,000.00 from Colour4kids to execute renovation works in the building and on the playground of the center.
> Costs
In 2012 the total costs were Euro 998.00; only around Euro 100.00 more than in 2011 (Euro 895.00). The main part of the costs consisted of: bank costs; administrative costs calculated by “Schenkservice” (notarial acts); and participation costs for the Heroes Race event.
The total costs of 2012 have been compensated by a DCF Board Member through an extra donation for the Heroes Race and with a gift in January 2013. This means that, as always, all donations from our sponsors went for 100% to the projects.

Income 2012
The income in 2012 was divided as follows:
> Donations
The total result of all donations in 2012 was Euro 121,198.00, compared to Euro 127,741.00 in 2011. This means a decrease of Euro 6,543.00, although the monthly budgets in the projects went up. As explained above, this is the consequence of less one-off expenses and direct donations on the account of the Ecuadorian foundation. Conclusion is that the income for the structural monthly budgets was almost equal to 2011, although the operational budgets in both projects went up. This resulted in a significant reduction of the bank reserves at the end of 2012.
> Interest and Currency Result
DCF has received Euro 461.00 as interest, which is more than in 2011 (Euro 285.00), partly because there was more money on the savings account which offers a higher interest rate. The unfavorable exchange rates resulted in a negative currency result of Euro 1,707.00.

General Reserves 2012
DCF’s capital was Euro 15,851.00 at the end of 2012, almost half of the reserves at the end of 2011 (Euro 27,844.00). This is a small reserve, but fortunately at the end of 2012 our main sponsors confirmed to continue (and even increase) their donations. This means that we can, for now, guarantee the continuity of the projects. But we are well aware of the fact that in 2013 we need to continue to focus on fundraising. DCF still needs to find more structural sponsors and will always stimulate DCF Friends to organize sponsor activities in favor of our projects.