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DCF 2013 - Financial Report

The Annual Figures of 2013 have been approved by the DCF Board Members; in both projects the numbers have been verified by a local independent accountant. You can find the Pdf document with the DCF 2013 financial overview here and the corresponding summary below. If you are interested in more details, you can download the Comprehensive Report (PDF) here.

In 2013 DCF has spent more than in 2012, mainly because the local budgets went up to compensate for inflation. In both countries the local foundations continued to concentrate on the Child ‘N Family centers. In Ecuador the preparation phase of a new program, Family Foster Care, was started, but this didn’t influence the budget.
Despite the current financial world crisis, DCF received even more donations than in 2012. We are extremely grateful for the continuous support of our loyal sponsors, which made the continuation of both projects possible.

Expenses 2013
In 2013 the total expenses of DCF (without the currency result, including the costs) were Euro 158,129.00; this is 19.84% more than the year before (Euro 131,946.00 in 2012).
> Transfers Ecuador
The Child ’N Family center in Ecuador received Euro 111,707.00 from DCF in the year 2013. This is more than in 2012 (Euro 84,547.00), because of the following reasons:
*The monthly budget went up with USD 1,500.00, because of inflation and higher salaries.
*During 2012, DCF only had to transfer operational budgets for 9 months. In 2013 DCF transferred 10 monthly budgets. The first two months of the year, DCF Ecuador had enough money in their account, thanks to savings from the year before.
> Transfers Nepal
The Child ‘N Family center in Nepal received Euro 42,529.00 from DCF in the year 2013. Compared to 2012 (Euro 46,401.00) this is almost the same, because:
*The local operational budget for the Child ‘N Family center was augmented with 10% as a correction for inflation, but thanks to the positive exchange rate this had almost no influence on the transfers in Euros.
*DCF received a one-off donation of Euro 5,452.95 from the Marthe van Rijswijck Foundation to buy study books and uniforms. Compared to the extraordinary expenses in 2012 for renovation works, this was almost Euro 3,450.00 less.
> Costs
In 2013 the total costs for DCF were very high: Euro 3,893.00 (compared to Euro 998.00 in 2012). The reason is the expense for an official external audit report from PKF Wallast, needed for one of the sponsors of one-off donations in 2012. This invoice of Euro 3,025.00 was immediately compensated with special donations during 2013. The other costs consisted mainly of: bank costs; administrative charges from “Schenkservice” (notarial acts); and participation fees for the Heroes Race event (SAS Alvarum). The remainder of the costs of 2013 (Euro 868.00) has been compensated by a DCF Board Member through a gift in January 2014. This means that, as always, all donations from our sponsors went for 100% to the projects.

Income 2013
The income in 2013 was divided as follows:
> Donations
The total result of all donations in 2013 was Euro 166,037.00, compared to Euro 121,198.00 in 2012. This means an increase of Euro 44,839.00; mostly because main sponsor Fondation Hoffmann doubled their donation. This income was needed to be able to transfer the necessary monthly budgets to Ecuador and Nepal.
> Interest and Currency Result
DCF has received Euro 124.00 as interest, which is less than in 2012 (Euro 461.00), because there was never a lot of money in the accounts. There was only a very small negative currency result of Euro 40.00, compared to Euro 1,707.00 in 2012. Reason for this was that part of the donations was received in dollars and transferred directly to Ecuador in dollars. This means that it was not necessary to exchange Euros for dollars.

General Reserves 2013
DCF’s capital was Euro 23,843.00 at the end of 2013, somewhat higher than at the end of 2012 (Euro 15,851.00). This amount at the year-end was needed to transfer the first monthly budgets for both projects in 2014.
DCF depends on only a few structural main sponsors, covering a bit more than 60% of the total year costs. The rest of the yearly budget is received from various other sponsors, including companies, organizations, schools, churches and individuals. In 2014 DCF will continue to closely communicate with its sponsors (through the website, Facebook, Newsletter and personal contact) to retain their contributions. Furthermore, we will definitely continue to focus on finding more structural main sponsors.