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DCF 2016 - Financial Report

The Annual Figures of 2016 have been approved by the DCF Board Members; in both projects the numbers are verified by a local independent accountant.
You can find the Pdf document with the DCF 2016 financial overview here and a summary below.

Unthinkable, a year after the earthquake in Nepal in 2015 Ecuador was struck by an earthquake in 2016. DCF Ecuador has been able to do a lot for the communities in the affected area down the coast due to all the specific donations of you as involved sponsors. We greatly thank you for this.
The introduction of foster care has been put on hold in 2016 due to the elections in April 2017. During the pre-elections politicians had their focus on other country related subjects.
DCF’s focus on the families in Ecuador has not been changed and has continued, as well as in Nepal. The Nepalese people have admirably shown they were able to overcome the desperation of the devastating earthquake(s).

Expenses 2016
In 2016 the total expenses of DCF were Euro 186,113.00, which is Euro 18,253.00 more (10.9%) than the year before (Euro 167,860.00 in 2015).
> Transfers Nepal
The Child ‘N Family center in Nepal received a total of Euro 50,341.00 from DCF in 2016 (Euro 51,185.00 in 2015). In 2016 the remaining donations, especially deposited for the support after the earthquake in 2015, have been used in a meaningful way for the children and families of CNF Nepal.
> Transfers Ecuador
The Child ’N Family center in Ecuador received a total of Euro 135,283.00 from DCF in 2016. This is 16.7% more  than in 2015 (Euro 115,957.00), because of the following reasons:
* Increase in the monthly budget funded by DCF because of lower locale income.
* Donations especially deposited for the support after the earthquake.
> Costs
The costs (only bank charges) are Euro 489 (Euro 718 in 2015). This amount has been compensated by the board members in the beginning of 2017. This means that, as always, all donations from our sponsors went for 100% to the projects.

Income 2016
The income in 2016 was divided as follows:
> Donations
The total result of all donations in 2016 was Euro 175,805.00, compared to Euro 190,434.00 in 2015 (a decrease of a little less than 8%). This reduction is mainly clarified by the specific donations DCF received last year due to the devastating earthquake in Nepal.
> Interest and Currency Result
DCF has received Euro 3.00 as interest (Euro 10.00 in 2015), because of minimal interest rate on the savings account, the quick elapsed time from Euros on the Euro accounts and the lack of interest rate on the USD account. 
At the end of 2016 DCF has a positive currency result of Euro 348.00 (positive result in 2015: Euro 334.00).

General Reserves 2016
DCF’s capital was Euro 25,945.00 at the end of 2016: a decrease of Euro 9.957,00 compared to 2015 (Euro 35,902.00). This because of more expenses than income, such as costs still to be paid as a result of the earthquake in Nepal in 2015.
DCF depends on only a few structural main sponsors, covering a bit more than 65% of the total year costs. The rest of the yearly budget is received from various other sponsors, including companies, organizations, schools and churches. Another important source are the DCF Friends, like volunteers and family, colleagues and friends of the DCF Board Members. Just as in former years, DCF will continue to enthusiastically communicate with you, our sponsors (through the website, Facebook, Newsletter and personal contact).

As the 5-year contract of our largest structural sponsor will end in 2017 the search of finding structural sponsors is more necessary than ever before. Furthermore, together with the local teams, new strategies have been developed in order to continue their valuable work. Any fundraising ideas and suggestions are welcome.