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CNF Ecuador News 2010

In a beautiful by themselves decorated center, the children and personnel members have celebrated Christmas. Read more

For the Child 'N Family center in Ambato 2010 was a challenging and successful year, in which we achieved and learned a lot. Read more

In November 2010 our psychologists attended an interesting and useful workshop about play therapy in Quito.Read more

It has been busy for the kids and staff during the summer holidays in the Child 'N Family center in Ambato!Read more

End of August, Marjolein from The Netherlands volunteered for two weeks in the center in Ambato. Read more

05-09-2010 - Cooks in CNF Ecuador

The cooks in the center in Ambato are hardly visible, but play a key role in the Temporary Institutional Custody program.Read more

10-08-2010 - Ilkley in CNF Ecuador

The last volunteer group to visit our center this summer, consisted of sixteen students of Ilkley Grammar School.Read more

07-08-2010 - Bishop in CNF Ecuador

Fifteen students of the Bishop Stopford School in Northants, England, have assisted in construction works in CNF Ambato. Read more

During three days, 15 girls of Saint Catherine's School from Twickenham, England visited our center.Read more

During three days, 16 students of the Clevedon School from England were volunteering in our center in Ambato. Read more

In 7 months, we have developed a clear reunification process in the Temporary Institutional Custody program of our center.Read more

The children, who temporary live with us, get a roof above their head, food, care, love and education.Read more

In Ecuador, Children's Day is celebrated on the first of June: also in our center we gave special attention to the kids. Read more

It's very busy in the center and we need a strict organization. From morning till evening, we keep the children occupied.Read more

26-04-2010 - Ine Leaves CNF Ecuador

End of April 2010 Ine left the center in Ambato: she handed over her tasks to volunteer Barbara.Read more

Psychology student Merel volunteered in our center and likes to share some of her experiences. Read more

A week ago, the first child of our Temporary Institutional Custody program has been reunited with his father!Read more

20-03-2010 - Barbara to CNF Ecuador

Beginning of May, Ine has to leave Ecuador because of her visa. The Dutch volunteer Barbara van der Heiden will replace her. Read more

11-03-2010 - More Kids CNF Ecuador

This week, more children arrived in our Child 'N Family center in Ambato; there are six in total now. Read more

06-03-2010 - Website CNF Ecuador

The Child 'N Family center in Ambato has its own website: a short informative overview of the project in Spanish. Read more

The group workshops in our Child 'N Family center seem to have a very positive and stimulating outcome.Read more

Merel is a psychology student from Holland and will volunteer for three months in the Child 'N Family center. Read more

On 1 January 2010 we opened the program for Temporary Institutional Custody in our Child 'N Family center.Read more