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CNF Ecuador News 2011

We said farewell to director Estuardo and we said goodbye to the year 2011 in a traditional way. Read more

The center in Ambato was in Christmas spirit the whole week: lots of presents and a beautiful family celebration. Read more

We received a beautiful anniversary text from Marco, systemic family terhapist and Board member of DCF Ecuador. Read more

The reconstruction of the therapy building in Ambato is finished; official inauguration follows in January. Read more

20-11-2011 - BSQ in CNF Ecuador

The British School Quito came to visit the project in Ambato: several parents of group 3 took the initiative. Read more

Ellen and Marij of Colour4kids have had a wonderful, intensive, nice, fruitful and creative time in our project.Read more

In the Child ’N Family center we have celebrated All Saints and All Souls Day with the children and staff.Read more

During 1,5 years Barbara was volunteering in the Child ‘N Family center in Ambato: now it is time for her to go back home. Read more

Schools are important in the life of children; that is why we are always in close contact with educational institutions. Read more

Summer holidays are over and the children are going back to school. For the reunited families we offer intensive services in the home situation. Read more

On 17 September we held a group session for professionals in child services at our Child ‘N Family center in Ambato. Read more

Phase 2 of the reconstruction of the therapy building is finished and the workmen have started the final phase. Read more

For the children of our temporary custody program, we organized a summer morning camp. Read more

From 16 till 20 July we had visitors from England in Ambato: a group of students between 14 and 18 years old. Read more

Psychologist Fany, family therapist Marco and 3 children went to a national gathering of youth care in Quito. Read more

04-07-2011 - Roof in CNF Ecuador

The roof of the therapy building is finished: this means that the first phase of the reconstruction has been finalized. Read more

We have composed a didactic week-end schedule for the children in the Temporary Institutional Custody program. Read more

15-06-2011 - Networking CNF Ecuador

Halfway June we started a series of meetings with other institutions to exchange experiences and knowhow. Read more

28-05-2011 - Camping in CNF Ecuador

In CNF Ecuador we organize something special for the kids every month: in May we slept outdoors in the garden of the center. Read more

The reconstruction of the therapy building in the Child 'N Family center in Ambato is progressing fast. Read more

In Ambato, where we run our center, ash has been falling like rain, due to eruptions of the Tungurahua volcanoRead more

25-04-2011 - Easter in CNF Ecuador

From 18 until 24 April it was Easter Holiday for school children in Ecuador: also our kids enjoyed the various Catholic traditions. Read more

The children who temporarily live with us receive intense guidance in their physical, emotional and social development. Read more

After receiving several big donations for the therapy building, we are ready for the reconstruction works!Read more

Since the beginning of 2011 we have appointed two Case Managers in the Child 'N Family center Ambato.Read more

Since the beginning of this year our team of child caretakers in Ambato consists of two women and two men. Read more

After a quiet period in the program for temporary custody, there are now again 10 children in the center in Ambato. Read more

The year 2011 has started very positively for the Child 'N Family center in Ambato, with a lot of family reunifications.Read more

From 9 till 13 January 2011 the English Jenny came to volunteer in the Child 'N Family center in Ambato. Read more

For 2011, we have adjusted our objectives for the center in Ambato and will apply some changes in the staff. Read more