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CNF Ecuador News 2012

We organized a Christmas program for the children in our two programs: games, a snack and presents from BSQ. Read more

During the annual staff meeting in Cotopaxi Park we evaluated 2012 and made the planning for 2013.Read more

On 17 November our center hosted a workshop on psychological treatment of child sexual abuse. Read more

20-11-2012 - INFA in CNF Ecuador

Our center was submitted to an inspection by the Ecuadorian government and we received positive feedback. Read more

This week, three children were placed into another care institution where they will live until they are adults. Read more

31-10-2012 - Finados in CNF Ecuador

On 30 October staff and children shared a special lunch in the tradition of All Souls Day, together with two Swiss visitors. Read more

17-10-2012 - Expedition CNF Ecuador

Andeanface is organizing the Antisana Charity Expedition with a sub-program in co-operation with British School Quito. Read more

01-10-2012 - Anne in CNF Ecuador

Dutch teacher Anne is volunteering in the center in Ecuador: she also gives drama classes to the children. Read more

School started again and the children, child caretakers and cooks are back in their normal daily routine.Read more

02-09-2012 - End Summer CNF Ecuador

On 31 August we closed the CNF summer program; on 3 September the kids go back to school. Read more

26-08-2012 - Kim in CNF Ecuador

Volunteer Kim arrived half August and is assisting in the center during outings and workshops of the summer program. Read more

We offer online supervision, leading to personal & professional growth and better quality of our services. Read more

End of July the children in our center enjoyed the visit of students from The Downs School in England. Read more

14-07-2012 - Summer in CNF Ecuador

The summer holiday has started and all 10 children who live with us are enjoying their free time. Read more

26-06-2012 - Relates & CNF Ecuador

Helma and Marco of DCF Ecuador participated in the Relates Congress in Cuenca about systemic family therapy.Read more

10-06-2012 - Atenas in CNF Ecuador

It has become a tradition that students of Atenas come to visit our center to celebrate International Children’s Day.Read more

As you can read in their personal messages, the kids who temporarily live with us would all like to go home soon.Read more

The technical staff in Ambato is receiving an interesting course about Systemic Family Therapy by Plenitud.Read more

12-04-2012 - Cases in CNF Ecuador

In our center we mostly receive complicated cases, so it is very important to improve the organizational side of the work. Read more

Our team of therapists started to use the Gesell Dome: a double room with a one-way mirror to observe therapies.Read more

08-03-2012 - See You CNF Ecuador

Ine is leaving the center for 6 months; she took the kids on an outing and left her operational work with a local Assistant.Read more

Ecuador celebrates Carnival, which in Ambato coincides with the Festival of Fruits and Flowers. Read more

06-02-2012 - Clowns in CNF Ecuador

A local group of clowns has taken the initiative to visit CNF every month to entertain the children. Read more

During a meeting with all personnel, we evaluated 2011 and discussed the planning and objectives for 2012. Read more

A new year started, with a (partly) new personnel team in the Child ’N Family center in Ambato. Read more