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CNF Ecuador News 2013

Around 100 guests enjoyed the Christmas gathering with a clown, folkloric dance & music groups and games. Read more

On 7 December Saint Nicholas visited the center and the shoes of all children were filled with presents. Read more

On 01 December a publicity campaign was launched on local TV and radio to recruit foster families for the pilot program.Read more

Together with the local Ministry, DCF Ecuador has started the preparation phase for the Pilot Program Foster CareRead more

The children started classes again: they all received new school supplies and look great in their uniforms.Read more

19-09-2013 - MIES and CNF Ecuador

DCF attended a meeting with the Ministry about better collaboration between NGO’s and government. Read more

Together with ICFamwell and DCF Ecuador, doctoral candidate Noah is working on a school psychology project in Ambato.Read more

The children are still enjoying their summer holidays; the personnel team is working hard on family reunifications. Read more

05-08-2013 - Buckner & CNF Ecuador

Together with Buckner Peru, DCF is investigating the possibilities to introduce family foster care in Ecuador. Read more

25-07-2013 - Dounya in CNF Ecuador

Belgian volunteer Dounya passed one month in our center and spent a lot of time with the kids during the holidays.Read more

18-07-2013 - Holidays CNF Ecuador

The kids received their school reports and are now enjoying the summer holidays with volunteer Dounya. Read more

Twelve members of our personnel team participated in an emotional recovery session to avoid burnouts and enhance team work. Read more

Family Clubs are support groups where families can share experiences and learn from each other.Read more

It's Ine's last week in the project in Ambato: she took the kids on an outing and received a special afternoon in the center.Read more

DCF started an inter-institutional working group for protocols about the investigation of sexual crimes against children.Read more

The mums of the girls in the center in Ecuador came to visit on Sunday to celebrate Mother’s Day together. Read more

Rupesh Vaidya from the Board of the local foundation in Nepal visited the center in Ambato, Ecuador. Read more

This is the third year that primary school Marques de Selva Alegre receives the children of our temporary custody program. Read more

08-04-2013 - Fleur in CNF Ecuador

On 5 April, Fleur arrived in Ambato. She is a Child Development & Education student and will volunteer in our center.Read more

22-03-2013 - Networking CNF Ecuador

This year our center has regained the presidency of the institutional network in the field of child protection in Ambato. Read more

11-03-2013 - BSQ in CNF Ecuador

All BSQ participants of the Antisana Charity Expedition came to Ambato to get to know our Child ‘N Family center.Read more

During their school holidays the children celebrated the Fruits & Flowers Festival of Ambato in the week of Carnival.Read more

Our Family Services are very important: we always try to prevent that children are placed out of their home environment.Read more

The staff, with a new director, started 2013 full of energy and ready to make it another successful year for the center! Read more