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CNF Ecuador News 2014

The Manual Foster Care, written by DCF Ecuador, was presented during the another week of Foster Care training. Read more

DCF Ecuador started a training for four new organizations which will implement family foster care in their province in 2015.Read more

10-10-2014 - Changes in CNF Ecuador

Important strategic changes in the Child ’N Family centrum in Ambato: focus on Family Services and Family Foster Care. Read more

The Foster Care program is running well: more children have been placed and more families are interested to become foster families.Read more

During the 3rd Congress on Adoption, the Sub-Secretary informed about the current and future implementation of Foster Care.Read more

05-08-2014 - Outing in CNF Ecuador

During her visit in the center, Barbara went on an outing with the kids to the Family Park and a chicken restaurant. Read more

After 2.5 years volunteer Barbara visited the center in Ecuador again: nice encounter with colleagues and an outing with the kids. Read more

27-07-2014 - Visit CNF Ecuador

We received an enthusiastic message from DCF Friends Franziska and Peter about their visit in the center in Ecuador. Read more

The children of our center in Ambato went on a two-day trip to the hot springs of Papallacta during the summer holidays. Read more

We are grateful because a girl, who was living in the center for a long time, has been reunited with her biological family! Read more

18-06-2014 - Irene in CNF Ecuador

We said goodbye to director Marcela and welcomed psychologist Irene Bonilla as new head of the local team. Read more

It’s going to be a special week for DCF because the first child in Ecuador will be officially placed in family foster care! Read more

30-04-2014 - Protocols CNF Ecuador

The workgroup concerning the investigation of sexual crimes against children has officially agreed upon standard protocols.Read more

25-03-2014 - Margot in CNF Ecuador

We received a heart-warming note from the Belgian psychologist Margot who is volunteering in Ambato. Read more

16-03-2014 - Pirates in CNF Ecuador

Volunteers Djouna and Jonathan organized an exciting Pirates’ weekend for the children of the center. Read more

Beginning March Carnival is celebrated, which in Ambato coincides with the Festival of Fruits and Flowers. Read more

Cathy from ICFamwell gave a 4 days’ workshop in the center about attachment and ambiguous loss of children at risk. Read more

After the successful publicity campaign and the launch of a new FB page, the first foster families have been selected. Read more

Since January the center is running a program for children who are living with next of kin because their parents are in prison. Read more

The 2014 targets for the center in Ambato have been set and include the Pilot Program for Family Foster Care. Read more

During 2013, almost 30 children have lived with us for some time in the Temporary Institutional Custody Program. Read more

During 2013, more than 150 families were attended in the program with Systemic Family Services. Read more

During the annual staff meeting, the general functioning and separate programs of the center were evaluated. Read more