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CNF Nepal News 2010

22-12-2010 - Water in CNF Nepal

Because of the dry season in Nepal, there is a lack of water and we need to be very conscious not to spoil it. Read more

It is very important for our center to share knowledge and experiences with other organizations working in the same field. Read more

During the touristic high season in Nepal some DCF sponsors came on holidays and took the time to visit our center.Read more

09-11-2010 - Back to CNF Nepal

The big festivals Dashain and Tihar are over and it is time to go back to school. Also our kids are back in the center. Read more

On 31 October three expedition members of Beyond Limits visited our Child 'N Family center in Kathmandu.Read more

11-10-2010 - Festivals in CNF Nepal

In October and November, Nepal is celebrating the two most important festivals of the year - and so are we in the center. Read more

05-10-2010 - Ine Back in CNF Nepal

Our Secretary Ine is back in Nepal for eight months, where she will also continue her other work for DCF. Read more

Arno is a Dutch medical student who is doing a medical elective in the Kanti's Children Hospital in Kathmandu. Read more

In our Child 'N Family center, the children receive a healthy breakfast, lunch and an afternoon snack. Read more

01-09-2010 - Focus on CNF Nepal

In August 2010 the DCF Board decided to focus on the Child 'N Family center and to stop the other projects in Nepal mid 2011. Read more

14-08-2010 - Uniforms in CNF Nepal

All children in the Child 'N Family center are now wearing a uniform thanks to the cooperation of the parents. Read more

03-08-2010 - Farewell in CNF Nepal

On 1 August 2010 the personnel and children of the Child 'N Family center in Nepal said goodbye to our Secretary Ine. Read more

Thanks to a contribution of the parents, we have purchased text books for the children of the daycare program in our center.Read more

On their free Saturday morning all staff members came to the center for a meeting preceded by Chooda and Ine.Read more

In our center 33 children receive nursery education in the daycare and are prepared to enter lower primary school.Read more

Today, our Secretary Ine visited the Child 'N Family center in Nepal. She received a warm welcome from the staff and kids. Read more

To give you a better idea of what kind of children we work with, we have added some family backgrounds to our website. Read more

On 9 April 2010 the parents of the 30 kids came to the Child 'N Family center in Kathmandu for the first parents' meeting. Read more

DCF friends Anne and Pete were the first to visit the new Child 'N Family center in Kathmandu. Read more

Our personnel team in the Child 'N Family center is complete: it consists of hard working and socially engaged local people. Read more

We have admitted 30 children in the Child 'N Family center in Kathmandu: it is a huge success, also with the parents.Read more

09-02-2010 - Pilot Phase CNF Nepal

On 9 February 2010 the pilot phase was launched: we proudly opened our Child 'N Family center with ten children. Read more

Chooda and Chhabi are selecting the first ten children for our pilot phase in the Child 'N Family center.Read more