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CNF Nepal News 2011

Dry winter season in Nepal means major electricity cuts in the capital city and a lot of planning in our project. Read more

14-12-2011 - Wishes from CNF Nepal

We received congratulations from Chooda, our coordinator in Nepal, for the DCF anniversary and new President. Read more

10-11-2011 - Creative in CNF Nepal

In Nepal, education is very serious: but in our daycare program, we try to teach through play and creative activities. Read more

27-10-2011 - Update CNF Nepal

Now that the Tihar Festival is also finished, really all families are back in town and the 60 kids come to the center again. Read more

19-10-2011 - Didis in CNF Nepal

The two Didis, who worked with us in DCH, form now part of the staff in the center. They are happily back at work after Dashain. Read more

In Nepal the most important festival season of the year started, which means the center is closed for two weeks. Read more

27-09-2011 - Safety in CNF Nepal

Just before the big festival season we organized a parents’ meeting in the center with as main subject child safety. Read more

Children’s Day was celebrated across Nepal on 15 September with various activities to make it memorable for the kids. Read more

In our Child ‘N Family center we celebrated the Teej festival: Hindu women then fast and pray for their spouse and children. Read more

Our staff is very interested in the Montessori method; they followed a training to implement this philosophy in the center. Read more

10-08-2011 - Exams in CNF Nepal

End of July the children of our daycare program had their first exams of this session and they have done very well. Read more

The draught is over in Nepal and summertime has started: season of diseases like diarrhea, dysentery and cholera. Read more

10-07-2011 - New Uniforms CNF Nepal

We have new school dresses in the center: the uniform consists of dark long trousers and a sky-blue shirt.Read more

One of the things that distinguishes us from other private daycare centers is that we offer a social family awareness program. Read more

06-06-2011 - WED in CNF Nepal

Our center together with the families participated in the World Environment Day program organized by the community. Read more

01-06-2011 - Goodbye Ine CNF Nepal

After 8 months in Nepal, it was time for Ine to leave again. She is back in Holland and tells us about her experiences. Read more

We finalized the playground in the Child 'N Family center in Kathmandu: children and staff are very happy!Read more

Beginning May 2011 the children of our center in Nepal received vaccinations from a government program.Read more

On Sunday 18 April 2011 we started our second session in the Child 'N Family center, now with 60 children. Read more

The Daniëlle Children's House was phased out after almost 10 years and now really closed its doors in April 2011. Read more

In our Daniëlle Children's House the last group of disabled students has received their certificates.Read more

Our first session ended in line with Nepali school year 2067: 7 kids will pass to primary school after the holidays. Read more

28-03-2011 - Picnic in CNF Nepal

During the last day of the school year we went to the zoo with the children and all personnel members of our center. Read more

At the moment we are selecting new children for the next session of our Child 'N Family center in Kathmandu.Read more

09-02-2011 - One Year CNF Nepal

In 2010, our Child 'N Family center was opened on the birth date of the Goddess of Learning, now one year ago. Read more

20-01-2011 - Winter in CNF Nepal

Also in Kathmandu it is winter at the moment: sunshine during the day, but for the rest of the time it is quite cold.Read more

02-01-2011 - Expansion in CNF Nepal

Thanks to the donation of a Dutch organization, we can expand the Child 'N Family center to 60 children in May 2011. Read more