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CNF Nepal News 2012

Winter Season started in Nepal and for the children in our daycare program that also meant second term exams. Read more

We have had our first personnel change in Nepal: Anita left for India and Saraju will join the teachers’ team. Read more

13-11-2012 - Tihar in CNF Nepal

It is Tihar, 2nd important festival in Nepal: also during this Festival of Light the center is closed for a few days. Read more

03-11-2012 - News Update CNF Nepal

The big festival Dashain is over and the center is now open for two weeks until the Tihar celebration starts. Read more

16-10-2012 - Dashain in CNF Nepal

It is Dashain again in Nepal: the longest and most favorite festival of the year, mainly celebrated in the family circle. Read more

11-10-2012 - Outings in CNF Nepal

Since September regular small outings are planned with the children of our center to break the daily routine. Read more

We have changed the structure of the joint parents meetings; the parents are now divided into three groups. Read more

17-09-2012 - VDC & CNF Nepal

The Jorpati Village Development Committee is taking more initiatives to improve the situation of children in need. Read more

Our social worker attended a workshop about Children’s Rights and then shared his knowledge with the parentsRead more

The international volunteer organization Projects Abroad has added our center in Kathmandu to their projects list.Read more

We switched from subject to grade teaching: staff, parents and children are very happy with the decision.Read more

We finished improving two roof terraces; last construction works paid for with Colour4kids' one-off donation.Read more

14-07-2012 - Poetry in CNF Nepal

On 13 July the children and staff celebrated Bhanu Jayanti, the birth date of Nepal’s first poet.Read more

05-07-2012 - Temple & CNF Nepal

Our local foundation has contributed to the construction of a Hindu temple in the neighborhood. Read more

30-06-2012 - Momo's in CNF Nepal

For Ine’s farewell in the Child ‘N Family center in Nepal, she, the children and staff enjoyed a momo party. Read more

15-06-2012 - C4K Farewell CNF Nepal

The Colour4kids team had a great farewell which at the same time was the inauguration of the new playroom. Read more

Hetty of the Colour4kids team was in charge of creative activities with the kids; Marja assisted her when she had time. Read more

09-06-2012 - C4K Murals CNF Nepal

Marja and Hetty of Colour4kids spent two weeks in the center: Marja brightened up the building with beautiful murals. Read more

25-05-2012 - New Playroom CNF Nepal

Thanks to the one-off donation of Colour4kids the new playroom is almost finished; only the furniture is missing. Read more

Owen and Meghan were very impressed by the teachers' professionalism & the variety of materials available. Read more

Thanks to Colour4kids we could paint the inside and outside of our center: it looks much more colorful and child friendly now!Read more

In the month of April we have increased the budget of our Child ‘N Family center, because of the strong inflation in Nepal. Read more

02-05-2012 - Ine in CNF Nepal

Ine enjoyed her first month in Nepal at the fullest and she is very happy with the progress in the Child ‘N Family center! Read more

The third session of our daycare program started, again with 60 kids; this year we will pay more attention to parents counseling. Read more

We finished the second daycare program session and today 33 kids received their end of year results. Read more

31-03-2012 - Bob in CNF Nepal

Bob is back in Holland after his Charity Expedition in Nepal, including a visit to our center in Jorpati, Kathmandu. Read more

The local team in Nepal is very happy with the approved support of Colour4kids for renovation works in the center. Read more

09-03-2012 - Home Visits CNF Nepal

In our Child ‘N Family center, home visits form an important part of the work we do with the children in need and their families. Read more

02-03-2012 - Sad News from Nepal

End of last month, we received the sad news that on 25 February 2012 Amit, who lived almost 10 years in DCH, passed away.Read more

CNF Nepal organized a big meeting to present the project and its programs to all layers of the community. Read more

In Nepal it is still 2068, but we did an evaluation of the activities and finances during the Dutch year 2011.Read more

DCF friends Mirjam and Anne sent us a report about their heartwarming visit to our center in Kathmandu.Read more