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CNF Nepal News 2013

The children had second term exams in the first week of December; the parents receive the results during a meeting. Read more

25-11-2013 - Elections in Nepal

Constituent Assembly elections took place in Nepal; now the project is open again and teachers are preparing exams. Read more

In the center, the children and staff celebrated Tihar with a special program and said goodbye to Ine. Read more

On 26 October the annual Board Meeting of FUNDCCIN was held in the Bakery Café, with also the center’s staff present.Read more

We have re-assessed five families of our center to see if their general situation has changed after a year.Read more

All staff and children received blessings from Chooda and Ine during the Dashain festival celebration. Read more

23-09-2013 - Staff Team CNF Nepal

The annual staff evaluation took place in the presence of Ine: she is very proud of this dedicated team. Read more

16-09-2013 - Ine in CNF Nepal

Ine received a warm welcome from all staff and kids in the center in Kathmandu, where she will stay for eight weeks.Read more

06-09-2013 - Teej in CNF Nepal

Our female staff and mothers of the kids celebrated the first day of women’s Teej festival in the center. Read more

30-08-2013 - Families in CNF Nepal

We work with the families to obtain structural changes in their socio-economic situation for a better future for the children. Read more

After honoring the educators during Teachers Day, the children of the daycare program had their first term exams. Read more

21-07-2013 - Isabella in CNF Nepal

We heartily thank volunteer Isabella who assisted in our center in Nepal for two months through Projects Abroad.Read more

In the month of June the children have learned a lot about various cultural festivals in Nepal. Read more

25-06-2013 - New Uniforms CNF Nepal

With the second part of the Marthe van Rijswijck Foundation donation, we purchased new uniforms for the 60 children. Read more

08-06-2013 - Awareness in CNF Nepal

FUNDCCIN participated in a Rally organized by UNICEF Nepal and NFDN to raise awareness about differently-abled people. Read more

15-05-2013 - Text Books CNF Nepal

With the donation of Marthe van Rijswijck Foundation, we were able to buy new text books for the 60 children. Read more

08-05-2013 - Newcomers CNF Nepal

In the fourth session of our Child ‘N Family center we have 11 new children in the daycare program.Read more

14-04-2013 - New Year - CNF Nepal

We wish all staff, families and children of our center in Kathmandu a happy, healthy and successful New Year 2070! Read more

The children are starting their final exams for the current daycare session; the new session will start on 16 April 2013. Read more

Mia from Australia has been volunteering in the center in Nepal through Projects Abroad; we thank her for her involvement! Read more

On 15 February we honored Saraswati, the Goddess of Learning, with a celebration in the Child ‘N Family center. Read more

The playground is now completely finished; better surrounding wall, leveled soil, new equipment and bright colors. Read more

22-01-2013 - Bye Bhanu - CNF Nepal

Our teacher Bhanu Miss travelled to Germany to work as a nanny; we now replaced all three staff members who left us.Read more

Our cook Sarita Didi is leaving our project in Nepal; she is going back to her village to live with her family. Read more

The local foundation has made some changes in the Board; Tara Didi is now President and Shyam Sir is Secretary.Read more

01-01-2013 - Home Visits CNF Nepal

During winter season our team visits more families than normally, to check on the health and safety of the kids. Read more