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CNF Nepal News 2014

28-12-2014 - Xmas in CNF Nepal

We thank Dutch volunteers Laura and Anne who bought a tree and organized an afternoon full of games for Christmas. Read more

Last Friday, volunteers Laura and Anne introduced tooth brushing in the daily routine of the children’s daycare program!Read more

We would like to thank two enthusiastic Dutch volunteers who are working in the center through Projects Abroad for all their input!Read more

07-12-2014 - Thx Khushi - CNF Nepal

We would like to thank caretaker Khushi for all her work in the project; we wish her good luck with her beauty parlor! Read more

Winter has started in Nepal: days are getting cold; electricity and water are getting scarce; and vegetables are getting expensive. Read more

Children and staff are back in their normal routine in the center after the big festivals Dashain and Tihar. Read more

On 15 and 16 October, the teachers explained the children about World Handwashing Day and World Food Day.Read more

All staff, children and parents enjoyed a small Dashain celebration in the center; now they have two weeks festival holidays.Read more

06-09-2014 - Rotation in CNF Nepal

Every Friday teachers teach in a different class; every last Friday of the month, all staff members change jobs for one day. Read more

End of August all parents had a personal meeting with the teachers to discuss the progress of their children. Read more

On 17 August the staff and children celebrated the victory of good during the Krishna Festival with music and dancing.Read more

26-07-2014 - Monsoon CNF Nepal

The rainy season has started in Nepal: this means more water and electricity, but unfortunately also more diseases. Read more

14-07-2014 - Teachers Day CNF Nepal

In honor of Guru Purnima, the children of our center paid respects to their teachers for enlightening them. Read more

Ine arrived in Nepal where she will stay for four weeks to visit the Child ‘N Family center: she received a warm welcome.Read more

25-06-2014 - Training in CNF Nepal

Staff members of our center received training about parents counseling from one of the local Board Members. Read more

Staff and families of our center participated in the cleaning program of the community for World Environment Day. Read more

26-05-2014 - New Logo CNF Nepal

The 60 children of our daycare program will soon receive their uniforms and notebooks with the new name of the project. Read more

12-05-2014 - Kids Fun in CNF Nepal

The 60 children of our daycare program in Kathmandu have received their new learning books for this session. Read more

27-04-2014 - Groups 2071 CNF Nepal

In the new session 2071 children have moved to higher grades, which means the teachers have new children in their groups. Read more

18-04-2014 - Session 2071 CNF Nepal

On Monday 14 April the Nepalese New Year 2071 started and two days later our center started its fifth session. Read more

Lianne from NOHS wrote us about her experience in the center, where she gave a dental workshop for the children. Read more

The children and staff celebrated the colorful festival Holi in our center: it is the traditional way of Hindus to welcome spring. Read more

We received a nice message from Dutch volunteer Rosa, who is working in the center through Projects Abroad. Read more

21-02-2014 - Sports&Games CNF Nepal

The yearly Games and Sports event in the daycare center was again a big success, both for the kids and staff! Read more

During the Saraswati festival in the center, the team and children celebrated the fourth anniversary of the project.Read more

15-01-2014 - Dry Season CNF Nepal

Dry season in the capital Kathmandu means shortage of water and major electricity cuts, which affects daily life a lot. Read more