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Latest news (2015) CNF Nepal - Please find below the 2015 news items from our Child 'N Family center in Nepal: it gives you background information on the activities in the project.

Through the sub-menu on the left you can find the yearly archives with former news articles, which reflect the complete history of our center.

Head teacher Bimala decided to leave the center: we thank her for her work and welcome our new colleague Ishwori Miss.Read more

Despite the difficult circumstances because of the fuel crisis, the Tihar Festival was celebrated in our center in Kathmandu.Read more

After Dashain a lot of institutions stayed close due to the fuel crisis; our center is open and food is cooked on a wood stove.Read more

Families in Nepal celebrate the most important festival in the aftermath of the earthquakes and in the middle of the fuel crisis. Read more

Nepal’s population suffers from blockades at the border with India which cause severe fuel shortage. Read more

The children received the results of the first exam round and a lot of festivals were celebrated with Teej as climax.Read more

09-09-2015 - New teacher CNF Nepal

We welcome Laxmi, who has taken over the Senior Kindergarten group with the eldest children of our daycare program. Read more

On 29 August the Nepali celebrate Raksha Bandhan, honoring the strong relationships between brothers and sisters. Read more

Tremors and fear in Kathmandu because of 11 August aftershock: also in our center the children were afraid…Read more

The last day of July all children honored their teachers and everyone in the center said goodbye to Ine. Read more

Psychological first aid group sessions will help staff, parents and children to deal with the post-earthquake trauma. Read more

Cooking and eating together; tulips from Holland and a 5% salary raise to keep pace with post-earthquake inflation. Read more

18-07-2015 - Groups 2072 CNF Nepal

All children have now settled into the daycare program and are divided by age and skills into the different group levels.Read more

Two children from the Sindhupalchowk district, displaced after the earthquake, joined our daycare program. Read more

09-07-2015 - Ine back in CNF Nepal

Ine received a heart-warming welcome in the center by a strong and positive staff team and happy smiley children.Read more

30-06-2015 - Assessment CNF Nepal

The team made an assessment of losses and damage after the two earthquakes: a lot of families have been affected.Read more

With the donation of Oele Mode, all children will receive new uniforms: the first outfits that arrived are for the 20 new toddlers. Read more

31-05-2015 - CNF Nepal open again

Our daycare center in Kathmandu opened its doors again: the staff is entertaining the children outside as much as possible. Read more

Although the center is closed, our team is providing relief items to the families of the center that have been affected most. Read more

12-05-2015 - Stay strong Nepal

Another major earthquake of 7.4 in Nepal around 100 kms north east of Kathmandu...Read more

11-05-2015 - Re-opening CNF Nepal

We are happy to inform that our local team has decided to re-open the Child 'N Family center on Sunday 10 May. Read more

28-04-2015 - Support for CNF Nepal

For the moment, the center in Nepal is closed; we hope our local team can re-open soon...Read more

26-04-2015 - Earthquake in Nepal

We are relieved to inform that staff and children of our daycare center in Kathmandu are safe.Read more

24-04-2015 - Session 2072 CNF Nepal

On 14 April the Nepali celebrated their New Year 2072; 2 days later we started the sixth session of our daycare center.Read more

04-04-2015 - End 2071 in CNF Nepal

Today the final exam results were distributed to the parents; 14 children will move on to primary school. Read more

All children and staff members of the center played with colored powders during the Holi Festival. Read more

Three staff members of the center in Kathmandu have brightened up the walls at the entrance with new colorful paintings.Read more

20-02-2015 - February in CNF Nepal

Just like every year in the month of February, the children enjoyed Valentine’s Day and the Sports Event.Read more

During the Saraswati ceremony, staff and children do not only celebrate knowledge, but also the anniversary of the project. Read more

We are pleased to welcome our new colleague Saru in the project in Nepal: she is working in the kitchen and as a child caretaker. Read more