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DCF General News 2009

22-12-2009 - We Wish You...

...a Merry Christmas and all the best for 2010... in the name of all children and families of our centers in Ecuador and Nepal.Read more

Everything goes well with our projects: the local teams are busy preparing for the expansions next year. Read more

The Daniëlle Children's Fund Newsletter of September 2009 has been distributed to our e-mailing list. Read more

In 2008 the income and expenses of Daniëlle Children's Fund were significantly lower than in 2007.Read more

The DCF Newsletter has been sent to our mailing list and informs about the new content of our website. Read more

Danielle Children's Fund has launched a new version of the website with updated contents. Read more

01-06-2009 - Ine Interviewed by KWH

KWH, one of our main sponsors for our projects in Ecuador, interviewed Ine about her volunteer work for DCF. Read more

15-05-2009 - New DCF Guidelines

The DCF Board Members have approved new Guidelines for the fund, including mission, vision, strategies and philosophy.Read more

20-04-2009 - Changes in DCF Board

During the Annual Board Meeting on 20 April 2009, some changes were made in the Board of Daniëlle Children's Fund.Read more

Our DCF Newsletter of April 2009 contains the latest information about the daily activities in our projects. Read more

The Christmas and New Year's period was for us as DCF a source of inspiration and new positive energy. Read more