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DCF General News 2013

22-12-2013 - DCF - Happy Holidays

The DCF team wishes you a Christmas filled with warmth & light and a New Year filled with happiness & good health.Read more

In the last Newsletter of 2013: the first phase of the Pilot Program Foster Care in Ecuador and two important festivals in Nepal. Read more

Andeanface is again organizing a Charity Expedition; Erik and Wilfried have started to train and to collect funds.Read more

In this Newsletter we inform about the activities in our projects in Ecuador and Nepal during August and September.Read more

25-09-2013 - DCF & NFPN

Both in Ecuador and Nepal we are working with assessment tools of the National Family Preservation Network. Read more

In the July Newsletter we announce the Annual Figures 2012 and give the usual updates from our two projects. Read more

The DCF annual figures 2012 have been approved by all Board Members: you can find more details on our financial pages. Read more

In the Newsletter of May we ask people for the last time to support our DCF Heroes who participate on 9 June in the Heroes Race. Read more

Especially on the first of May we thank all local staff in Ecuador and Nepal for their hard work in our projects! Read more

06-04-2013 - Three DCF Heroes

Three DCF Friends joined our Heroes Race team. Do you also want to participate on 9 June? Or sponsor one of them?Read more

The March Newsletter contains an update about the activities in the projects and some special sponsor initiatives.Read more

Besides the latest news from our projects, we inform about the fantastic result of the Antisana Charity Expedition.Read more

After 2012's huge success, DCF has decided to participate again in the Heroes Race. Do you want to join our DCF Team 2013?Read more