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CNF Ecuador

Child 'N Family center Ecuador - In 2016, DCF Ecuador will continue to concentrate on protecting children’s rights in Ecuador according to the guidelines of the United Nations. The main focus is on psychological and social preventive services to avoid out-of-home placement. Furthermore, DCF Ecuador focuses on reducing institutionalization and promoting family life for all children that live under at-risk circumstances.

SFS - Systemic Family Services - In this program we focus on family preservation: thanks to socio-psychological interventions and stimulation of active family engagement, we keep families securely together without out-of-home placement of the children.

FFC - Family Foster Care - In 2014, DCF Ecuador started a pilot program working closely together with the local authorities and with Buckner Peru to introduce Family Foster Care in the province of Tungurahua. In 2015, DCF Ecuador continued the program, instructed new foster care institutions in other provinces and worked on an overall methodology. In 2016, current and future foster families come together in Family Clubs, and research focus groups are organized to find out how Ecuadorians think about foster care.