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DCF Activities August 2021

Bijgewerkt op: 12 aug. 2021

Dear DCF friends,

There are again special developments in Ecuador and Nepal that we would like to share with you. For example, a new joint project in the Netherlands, called Family Power, that certainly deserves attention.

As mentioned in the previous newsletter, with regard to COVID-19, it looked as if 'normal' life would start again. In Nepal, however, the virus has hit hard in recent months. Uncertainty has now become a recognized permanent part of existence. In this regard, we wish everyone, wherever in the world, all the best.


In 2003 Rosa and her family came into contact with DCF. Their situation was difficult and income was minimal. Rosa has three children, who were all very eager to learn. The middle one in particular, knew from a very young age that he wanted to become a doctor. Wherever he went, he carried a flip out book about the human body, under his arm, a present for his birthday. Eventually, he met one of our sponsors, Chris Purslow. Chris maintained personal contact with him throughout the years and helped him with his studies. Years later, his dream of becoming a doctor has finally come true. Rosa recently sent us pictures of her son, supervising delivery in the hospital as a doctor. How beautiful to see that crossing paths and temporarily walking together can and will continue to transform our lives.


The smallest community in the world is the family.

When we strengthen the family, we strengthen the whole world.

Together with eight other Dutch NGOs, spread over four continents, we are part of a joint initiative called Family Power. Our common goal is to demonstrate how children, worldwide, can grow up in safe, caring and sustainable families. We seek to visualize our best practices and inspire and guide other NGOs and donors towards a model of family-based care instead of taking children in other countries into children's homes, knowing the significant negative impact institutionalization has on the development of children.

Since then, there have been several digital team meetings between the different international NGOs. DCF contributes by supporting the design of a Training and Consultancy Program, where we examine which experiences of the various NGOs can be shared together. In the coming months we will be working hard on the first training sessions.

For more information about Family Power:


Due to our long-term strategy and focus on Latin America, DCF has considerably reduced its financial support to Nepal in the last couple of years. This year the moment has come for the very last financial support. FUNDCCIN in Nepal receives a final capital to continue independently. In recent months, there have been several inspiring coaching conversations. Chooda, Rajan and Chhabi have decided to continue the skills training and economic empowerment of families within their community. Skills training will continue to focus on sewing, crafts, cell phone repairs and cooking courses for small businesses. In order to be able to finance the activities, the participants will temporarily continue to work as a volunteer in the training center after successful completion of the training. However, the training center will also focus on the placement of trained employees in organizations and companies. The income generated by the families can be used to pay for, among other things, the school costs for the children.

THANK YOU We would like to thank the church of Nieuw Beijerland for the extra donation of € 1,000 in June. We were also very surprised by the donation from Switzerland of more than € 13,600. Merci vilmal!

Of course also many thanks to those involved who very frequently provide a fixed contribution, so that constructive initiatives and opportunities as described above can be undertaken.

Finally, our sincere thanks to you for your loyal involvement in whatever form this may come. Together we can make the world a better place, every small gesture creates change!

Warm regards,

Alex, Helma, Nicoline en Barbara - Daniëlle Children’s Fund

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