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DCF Activities December 2021

Blessed Christmas and a new year with lots of Hope, Faith and Love

2021 Over the past year due to the constant presence of social media, newspapers, and talk shows, the news we receive is often overwhelming and gives us a sense of uncertainty, fear and worry. And yet... in this world there are also many beautiful things that are not told in the media, but are reality. And this is what we want to share with you this Christmas. The opposite of fear is not courage, but faith and confidence! We feel very grateful that this year we again met many special children, young people and their families. We walked with them for a while, shared valuable experiences and then took our separate paths. In 2021 we were able to guide more than 900 people in the various programs. As a result, they did not have to live on the street and were given a safe place to stay at home. Likewise, parents and young people could participate in vocational training programs and workshops. Others have received temporary food or healthcare support. More than 700 professionals have also followed our tailor-made training sessions regarding de-institutionalization. Trusting the family is at the top of our list, believing that the family itself has the power to resolve conflicts and problems, thinking in possibilities. This message is becoming more and more popular in Ecuador and it was therefore a special surprise when another team, who participated in our training sessions, recently told us that 7 children, who have lived in a children's home for years, are reunited with their father and mother. Christmas at home this year! When we asked how this had become possible after so many years, they answered: we don't judge anymore, but believe in the other, believe in Love! Then there are endless possibilities...

Donations We are dependent on donations to be able to continue to carry out this beautiful work. We hope that you will and can make a donation to continue the continuation of all this work by our team in Ecuador, so together we bring a smile to the faces of the children and their families. We thank you for your involvement in whatever form! With warm regards, Alex, Barbara, Nicoline en Helma - Daniëlle Children’s Fund

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