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DCF Activities May 2020

Bijgewerkt op: 11 jun. 2020

Special DCF-friends…

We are sending you an update about the COVID-19 situation:


We have received heart-warming support from all directions including many individual donations, an auction on Kings day in the Netherlands and funding from Wilde Ganzen, who created a special corona-fund.

Total funds: 2.930,00 + contribution Wilde Ganzen 2.442,50 = 5.372,50 EURO

The distribution of food packages is currently in full swing. Thanks to your support, the families receiving the goods are able to keep their heads above water for the time being. Everyone involved is very thankful for the trust you have put in them. Once again, we are able to accomplish what had once seemed impossible, because you made it happen!


As you know, we frequently keep in touch with the team in Nepal, since we coach them and share knowledge. During these virtual gatherings, we also discuss the impact of COVID-19 on the children and their families. Approximately 80% of the families related to our partner organization have returned to the countryside to stay with their families, as there is more food available. We agreed with the team they will sound the alarm in the event of food shortages in Kathmandu.

With very warm regards and wishing everyone good health.

Alex, Barbara, Nicoline - Board from Daniëlle Children's Fund Netherlands

Helma – Daniëlle Children´s Fund Ecuador Board

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