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DCF Activities July 2019

Bijgewerkt op: 2 sep. 2019

Dear DCF Friends, thank you for being with us again...

Our work brings us in contact with many people that live extremely difficult circumstances, such as violence, abuse and mistreatment. Therefore they are often ignored and rejected by society. It is fascinating to reflect what happens when you respond in an unexpected way, for example with love, respect and profound listening.

As an organization we have experienced how enriching it is when we put our opinions aside and create an opportunity to simply listen to the other, to hear his or her story. Whilst listening, another person and another reality is being created. Our ideas change, our view changes, what we thought was real, turns out to be different and distinct. Possibilities to connect with others are being created.

Recently we had the opportunity to guide an adolescent that had been involved in violence for a long time. We have had long and beautiful conversations, where a very different person emerged than he was at the very beginning. One day he came late. When he was asked what made him late, as we had given him money for transport in order to be on time, he responded that the driver did not want to take him. His face had the same hard and aggressive look as before. It made me reflect about the responsibility we have for the behavior of other people. A lot can be different if we welcome the other one in our lives without judging, without having such strong opinions.

DCF as an organization has many tools, however we consider that listening is our main one. It gives us the opportunity to connect and to share together, creating different realities, which is very enriching for all of us.

With warm regards,

Alex, Barbara, Helma and Nicoline – Board of Daniëlle Children’s Fund Netherlands


Unaccompanied and separated adolescents on the move: Driving from Quito to Tulcan, you find yourself in the mids of many Venezuelan immigrants, walking on the side of the highway, seeking new opportunities. Their journey started weeks before when they left their homes in Venezuela, they later crossed Colombia, where they encoutered the biting and cold rain of the highlands. Many of them try to get on a “mula”, a truck that takes them, but the mayority have to go by foot.

For Ecuador as a country it is a huge challenge to manage the continous flow of people that arrive on a daily basis. Our project for young unaccompanied and separated adolescents has meant for many a beautiful experience where they could connect with other people both from Venezuela and Ecuador, eat well, have a shower and a bed and feel human again. Most of the adolescents get reunited with family members in Ecuador or other parts of Latin America. Some of them however do not have family members abroad and therefore need to enter programs of autonomy. Those programs accompany young people in becoming independent. Unfortunately there are not enough programs to meet the demand. Currently DCF is starting to offer these services in collaboration with UNICEF. Young people will live together in a small house, where they will receive support for their daily needs, like food, health, clothing etc. As most of them have not been able to attend school on a regular basis, they enter special day or evening programs that enable them to catch up again. At the same time they are involved in simple jobs such as selling or preparation of food that allows them to become more and more independent.

Consultancy Ministry of Economic and Social Inclusion: The end of April, DCF, as one of the representatives of Red Convivencia, signed another agreement with the Ministry for the year 2019. DCF therefore will continue to collaborate with MIES and other organizations on the de-institutionalization strategy, including new methodologies on programs of autonomy for young adolescents.


Anita Shrestha is a young women from the mid-eastern part of Nepal. She has a beautiful little son who is 3 and a half years old. Our women support program offered a cooking course for Anita, which enables her to find work as an assistant cook at a local restaurant. The payment was quite low and only covered very basic needs. However, one of the schools our CARE team is working with, needed to employ a new cook. Decisions where quickly made: Anita, due to her positive attitude and willingness to work was a perfect candidate. She met the school principal for an interview and she is now the new cook of the school! Anita gets paid better and she also told us that her son is attending the nursery class of the same school. Recently she was able to move to a larger room, as hers was very small and dark and with little fresh air. Her new room has enough space to play, read and write.

Also our Care Team was invited by the British Council to participate in a course. It was a two days training program about connecting classrooms through global learning.


Finally, our sincerest thanks to you for your faithful involvement in whatever form, because together we can make the world a better place, really every little gesture matters!!

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