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Family Power

The smallest community in the world is the family.

When we strengthen the family we strengthen the whole world.

Did you know that more than 6 million children grow up in institutions, like orphanages, worldwide? And did you know that 80 to 90% of these children still have one or both parents alive?

Danielle Children´s Fund believes that children should grow up in their family and community. We know, thanks to many studies, that a child’s development is best this way. That is why we are committed to family-based care. We do this through family support, kinship care and gatekeeping activities. Our working method ensures that children and adolescents– despite harsh conditions - can stay at home.

Family Power's dream is a safe, caring and permanent family for every child!

Danielle Children´s Fund has been working for years in Ecuador to strengthen families. Our goal is to have all children living with their own family.

Together with eight other NGOs spread over four continents, we form a joint initiative named Family Power. Our common goal is to make visible HOW children can grow up in a safe, caring and permanent family. During the program the participants’ experiences are captured in an international study with the aim of inspiring and guiding other NGOs and donors towards a model of family-based care.

Danielle Children´s Fund shares knowledge and experiences within Family Power's international research.

Many years of research have led to a clear picture of ‘why’ children benefit from growing up in a family. The organizations of Family Power have extended experience with family-based care. In the international research they share their experience to show how family-based care can be used in practice. The results will be included in an awareness campaign and training and consultancy program.

We think it's fantastic to be part of the Family Power team. We are connected with passionate and professional people worldwide and the program strengthens us all!

If you want to know more about Family Power, visit our website


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