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DCF Activities April 2022

Bijgewerkt op: 2 mei 2022

Dear DCF friends, We are very happy that you are with us again! This time the newsletter discusses a variety of topics, such as the activities in Ecuador, the current situation in Nepal and the progress of Family Power.

ECUADOR The children, young people and families who use our programs often have to deal with social exclusion. This is caused by the difficult situations they go through, such as violence, alcoholism, but also by migration: arriving in a new country where you don't know anyone is difficult. The challenge is finding a way to move forward together. In this newsletter we would like to tell you more about our clubs within the community, several of which are currently running: for children, youth and women. The idea behind the clubs is to bring people together in order to share their stories, difficulties, projects and above all for them not to feel alone. The topics that come up are not always easy to talk about, but listening to others who are in the same situation or who have come out of it can be helpful. The clubs are often very creative and fun but they also have moments to sit still and think together. Children’s club Within the children's club, topics such as children's rights and protecting children are discussed. Mishell recently made a “participatory story” with other children, in which she and everyone else drew their stories about the violence and discrimination they experience on a daily basis. Sebas said he really enjoys coming to the club because it doesn't make him feel alone. Women’s club At the same time, there is also a club for mothers and other women. They have called their club “the growing and courageous women”. Women from different backgrounds talk about the role they (want to) play. How can they deal with the circumstances in which they live every day? Lidia said that it has helped her to learn from other women and that she now feels that she is a woman of many talents, who is able to work hard so that she can take care of herself and her children.

Youth club In the youth club (12 to 18 years old) many fun recreational activities are carried out with the group. This provides a good basis for sharing emotions together. The club also discusses gender discrimination, which many young people have to deal with. Josimar indicated that conversations in the club made him reflect on his actions: “I became aware of something that I do every day out of pure habit, without thinking about the consequences this has on others.

Sanne Laebens from Belgium has been doing an internship at DCF in Ecuador for a few months now. She is currently studying family sciences at the Odisee University in Ghent. Sanne explains: “I really wanted to do my internship abroad, with my preference for South America. During the training we were given a list of organizations around the world. Ultimately, DCF appealed to me the most, given the vision, objectives and target group. I am very happy that I chose DCF. I ended up here in a wonderfully beautiful and fascinating team and was welcomed very warmly by everyone. Every day, every week is different, I am surprised by what is coming and I learn a lot. Leaving on an internship is leaving for an unknown and new environment, which is quite exciting. I couldn't have wished for a better place!”

NEPAL We are very happy to announce that our latest project in Nepal has started: The Self-Employment Center - a training center for the elaboration of clothes. Due to this project, parents not only learn, but also get the opportunity to generate an income, so that their children can go to school. The center is no longer a foundation and will grow into a commercial company; in other words sustainable development for the long term. The first participants have now been registered, the space has been arranged where the workshops and training courses can be held. Also the purchase of the first sewing machines can be done. The first round of training will start at the end of April.

The costs are a total of 15000 Euro. We are very happy with the great contributions of Orange Angel (6,800 Euro) and Wilde Ganzen (5,000 Euro). Currently only 3,200 Euros are missing. If you are interested in contributing to the privatization of our cooperation in Nepal, please transfer your contribution to our bank account stating: “Independence Nepal”.

MUTUAL LEARNING PROGRAM Because DCF has been around for more than 20 years, we have built up a lot of knowledge and experience. According to our philosophy, everything belongs to the children and the families and that is why our mission is to share everything. We are currently actively participating in setting up the Mutual Learning Program on family & community based care.

Together with Wilde Ganzen, Transform Alliance Africa and other organizations that are part of Family Power, we invite organizations and professionals to consider how we can provide global, joint, family-strengthening and/or alternative care and move together towards high-quality family care and community care. The training is focused on daily practice and collaborative dialogue. The Mutual Learning Program is offered for a minimum of three years. A pilot program with 10 organizations will run from September 2022 to January 2023. From 2023, the program will be conducted twice a year with 15 organizations per group.

THANK YOU The primary school Blik in Edegem has raised money for the children in Nepal by making packages with Asian recipes and ingredients and selling them. We invite you to watch this video of the cooking workshop. We would also like to thank the Reformed Church of Nieuw Beijerland for the donation that Helma recently received during her visit to the church.

Of course also all others involved who very frequently provide a fixed contribution. Thanks again for your heartwarming involvement!

Warm regards, Alex, Barbara, Nicoline en Helma - Daniëlle Children’s Fund

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